Conference Program

The Conference Program outlines the 22 sessions to be offered at this year’s conference. Prospective attendees are invited to review the variety of session offerings in advance of registration so they know which sessions they will select to attend during registration. Registrants are not bound by their selections at this time, and may change their preferences up until the week of the Conference. This practice helps Conference planners adequately prepare rooms and layouts for the benefit of conference attendees.

Conference Justification Toolkit

Getting approval from your supervisor to attend the 2019 NAGARA Annual Conference can sometimes be challenging. Not only does it take time, but also money - something many government offices lack. This page contains information on NAGARA's Conference Justification Toolkit to help you make your case for attending the conference to your supervisor more effectively.

Making Your Case for Attending #NAGARA2019!

It can be difficult to find the time and money to invest in professional development - no matter how important it is. We all know that government organizations tend to be chronically under­-funded and under-resourced, which means that regardless of the merits of professional development, you’ll need to carefully justify the expense to your organization. Whether it comes in the form of paid time off or financial support for your attendance, the NAGARA Justification Toolkit will provide you with the resources you need to help you make the case for attending the 2019 NAGARA Annual Conference to your supervisor.

The NAGARA Justification Toolkit includes the following items:

  •  A customizable template for a justification letter to your supervisor/manager;
  •  A Conference Benefits Worksheet to help you calculate the ROI of conference attendance;
  •  An expense worksheet to help you work out the numbers; and,
  •  A customizable Post-Conference Attendee Report 

We trust the value of attending the 2019 NAGARA Annual Conference will be well worth the cost - and we look forward to seeing you in St. Paul!

Letter to Supervisor
(Microsoft Word Document)
Conference Benefits Worksheet
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Expense Worksheet
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Post-Conference Report
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