Session 11 - Becoming the "MacGyver" of your Archives: There's So Much History to Discover on Obsolete Media Formats

Obsolete media formats contain an untapped goldmine of valuable history just waiting to be discovered and transferred to accessible formats. However, preparing to digitize obsolete media in your collections may seem like a daunting task, especially given the scarcity of resources that many archives encounter. Figuring out how and where to start can seem impossible. During this presentation we will discuss common questions attendees may encounter and explore solutions to help attendees in "MacGyvering" a digitization plan specific to their situation. This session will provide attendees with a list of steps they can take now, to ensure future access to the information currently locked away on obsolete media formats in their holdings.

 This session will provide NAGARA's membership with a list of steps they can take to determine when in-house digitization is possible and when outsourcing is a better option to discover the history, locked away in their obsolete media formats. Unlocking this valuable history for researchers and expanding accessibility through digital preservation.

 Target Audiences: Federal, State/Tribal, Local, Public Institutions of Higher Learning

 Focus Areas: Archives, Records Management, Technology/Tools

 Presenter: Austin Schulz, Certified Archivist, Idaho National Laboratory