Session 16 - Digital Preservation Meets Information Governance

As governments across the country expand their digitization initiatives to keep up with the legislative mandates, increasingly digital workplaces, and heightened citizen expectation, records managers are facing a new challenge:  preserving and securing an unprecedented volume of digital records. By 2026 more than 500 million government records will be digitized, not including tens of millions of public records generated daily on a state and local level. 

As the volume of digital records swells exponentially, records managers need to develop a scalable approach for the creation, management, access, storage, security, and disposition of information. Is your preservation and governance plan ready? 

Join us for an overview of digital preservation and information governance best practices, including:

  • Risk Assessment 
  • Data Migration
  • Metadata Creation
  • Storage Strategies

The goal of this presentation is to equip government records managers with the tools and knowledge required to effectively preserve and govern electronic records and ensure that they are accessible to the public and stakeholders.

 Target Audiences:

Focus Areas: Records Management

Presenter: Alex Sisserson, Sr. Product Manager, Iron Mountain Government Solutions