Second Day General Session & Keynote

Our Second Day General Session & Keynote set the stage for an extraordinary day of continued networking and learning. Attendees indulged in a delicious breakfast buffet while NAGARA Vice-President, Holly Dolan, reveled details on NAGARA's new Strategic Plan.

Following Holly's remarks, attendees were captivated by our engaging and delightful keynote speaker, the renowned Lewis S. Eisen, as he spoke about "Setting Standards for Excellence."

Discover the Power of Standards! We all know standards play a critical role in records and archives management, but they are much more than technical or regulatory documents. A good standard aligns both with the values of our organization and with our personal values. Lewis's remarks left attendees feeling inspired to strive for excellence in their work, making a lasting impact on both the preservation of records and their own personal growth.

     Lewis S Eisen is the leading authority on the use of respectful language in policy drafting. He draws on over 35 years’ experience as a practicing lawyer, business consultant, and federal civil servant. His international bestseller How to Write Rules that People Want to Follow: A guide to drafting respectful policies and directives, is now in its third edition. Lewis’s approach to drafting policies using respectful language has been adopted at organizations across the US, Canada, and Europe.

Couldn't get enough of Lewis? NAGARA members are invited to attend Lewis' Advanced Policy Drafting WorkshopSeptember 26-28, 2023, 2.5 hours each day!

What's more, use the promo code NAG100 to obtain a discount $100 CAD (approx. $75 USD), courtesy of Lewis!

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