2022 NAGARA Annual Conference

Call for Session Proposals

Join NAGARA in Salt Lake City for our 2022 Annual Conference, “Exploring the Information Wilds”! As information professionals, we are constantly exploring new territories, new technologies, new processes, new facets of history. Be inspired by Utah's natural beauty. Have you explored data lakes, forded information streams, or scaled records mountains? Have you guided your government out of disorganized deserts into oases of knowledge?
When submitting a proposal for the conference, please consider how the session ties into “Exploring the Information Wilds” and:
  • Informs: Tell the audience about a topic in order to transfer knowledge.
  • Improves: Provide the audience with new knowledge that can be applied.
  • Inspires: Energize the audience with innovative ideas.
  • Involves: Include the audience, the profession, and our users.
The NAGARA Program Committee encourages applicants from all levels of government, backgrounds, and experiences to submit an idea for the 2022 Annual Conference.

Session Details

The 2022 Program Committee will evaluate proposals on the:
  • Completeness of the proposal,
  • Strength and detail of the abstract,
  • Diversity of the speakers and their experience,
  • Relevance to NAGARA’s membership, and
  • Adherence to this year's theme: "Exploring the Information Wilds"
Reminder for Proposal Submitters and Session Participants:

Government information professionals who participate in the program must register and secure institutional or personal funding. To offset costs, NAGARA will provide session presenters (excluding those who serve only as session chair) with a 25% registration discount.

Proposals for the 2022 NAGARA Annual Conference are due on Friday, December 31, 2021.
Information Needed:
  • Session Title, Thematic Focus, and Description
  • Session Tracks (archives or records management) and Target Audience (local, state, federal, or a public institution of higher learning)
  • Session Requirements (Any audio-visual needs, presentation format, etc.
  • Session Presenter(s) Contact Information (name, title, institution, e-mail, phone)

The 2022 Program Committee has created a Google spreadsheet to be used as an informal tool to connect individuals who are seeking ideas and/or collaboration on session proposals.
This spreadsheet is not monitored by NAGARA.