2021 Summer Online Form: Legal & Compliance Considerations for Archives and Records Management
Session 2: "Now is the Time to RETHINK Your Records Management Program"

OVERVIEW: Federal, state and local agencies are facing significant challenges when it comes to budget, accessibility, security, privacy and compliance. As the amount of data and information grows, in different types and formats, the ability to manage it in a safe and compliant manner becomes an even greater challenge. The addition of digital transformation requirements and a new way of working in remote environments means that agencies need to rethink their records and information management programs and approaches. 

This session takes a look at the current compliance requirements from both a federal and state/local perspective - from citizen privacy to HIPAA to FERPA to M-19-21 - with a focus on the impacts these have on records managers. It discusses how implementing a mix of solutions, as opposed to a single approach, provides agencies more options and the flexibility to ensure compliance now and into the future. The presentation also provides details on new technologies that agencies can leverage to unlock the value of this information and generate deeper insights through AI and machine learning. Finally, it offers case study examples of how agencies in both federal and state/local government have seen success by simply rethinking their approach to records and information management.

 Learning objectives include:

  •  Current directives and drivers impacting records managers at the federal and state/local level
  • How a mixed solution approach offers the flexibility to ensure compliance now and into the future
  • The ability to leverage emerging technologies to generate deeper insights from data and information
  • Case study examples of agencies that have benefited from this type of approach

GARA CORE COMPETENCY: "Legal and Compliance Issues" OR "Emerging Technologies"

 SPEAKERS: Mary Ellen Buzzelli, Director SLED, Iron Mountain, and Alex Sisserson, Senior Product Manager, Iron Mountain

DURATION: 60 Minutes

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