November 2020 - Retention Scheduling for Texts and Messaging Apps

Overview: It is close to an article of faith in the information professions that records should be scheduled identically regardless of format. In practice, technical and interpersonal barriers may prevent this ideal from becoming reality. Particularly as more public business is conducted via text, messaging services such as Snapchat, and "conversational" collaboration tools such as Slack, it behooves archivists and records managers to intervene early and often in these records' life cycle.

City of Milwaukee Records Officer and Document Services Manager Brad Houston will share his experience developing retention schedules and policies for these 'ephemeral' correspondence records in a local government context. Scheduling these records presents many challenges and pitfalls, and Brad fell into most of them while working on the City's own policy! By identifying and learning from his mistakes, you will be able to work with these records more effectively in your own institutions.

By the end of this webinar, participants should be able to:

  • Identify major challenges inherent to scheduling texts, messaging app messages, and records in similar formats;
  • Involve the appropriate stakeholders in policy development--and do so *early*;
  • Present key components of text/messaging management in a policy or retention schedule reflecting records management best practices;
  • Avoid common missteps in crafting and/or implementing a messaging records policy
Credits: N/A

(NOTE: ICRM no longer provides pre-approval for events less than one hour in length; however, you may still petition ICRM to receive credit for attending this webinar, which is usually approved in most instances)

 LGARA Core Competency: "Retention & Dispositon" OR "Advocacy & Outreach" OR "Electronic Records & Information Management"

 Speaker: Brad Houston, Document Services Manager, City of Milwaukee, WI

 Duration: 60 Minutes

How to Request a Certificate of Attendance: After viewing this archived webinar in its entirety, please e-mail [email protected] to request your Certificate of Attendance.

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