SESSION 2/4C: "The Big Potential of AI/ML for Records Management"


2C OVERVIEW: The age of Artificial Intelligence (AI) is upon us, and technologies like machine learning (ML) could prompt revolutionary change in records management. ML algorithms can repeatedly scan large volumes of data to identify patterns that yield insights that might escape humans' notice or classify the contents of records. Deep Learning, a subset of ML, can teach computers to recognize patterns that typically require human reasoning, such as recognizing speech or even handwriting.

This session deciphered the ABCs of AI/ML to explore how records managers can leverage these tools to automate record discovery, record retention, and minimize risk.

2C GARA COMPETECY AREA: "Electronic Records and Information Management" OR "Legal and Compliance Issues" OR "Emerging Technologies"

2C SPEAKER: MaryEllen Buzzelli, Director of State Local and Education Strategy, Iron Mountain

Mary Ellen Buzzelli is the Director of State, Local and Education Strategy for Iron Mountain Government Solutions. In this role, she directly engages with agencies at the state/local level, understanding trends and challenges, and advising them on approaches to better manage their information lifecycle. She works with internal and external stakeholders on implementing the most effective solutions, garnering strategic alliances and building relationships with key influencers and decision makers in state/local government.