Thank you for your interest in donating to NAGARA!

NAGARA is a professional non-profit association dedicated to the improvement of federal, state, and local government records and information management and the professional development of government records administrators and archivists. Your donation today helps NAGARA meet its ambitious mission to:

  • promote an awareness and understanding of government archives and records management programs;
  • encourage the continuous exchange of information among government archives and records management agencies to improve their programs and services; to provide opportunities for government records administrators and archivists at each level of government to meet and discuss problems and issues relevant to their level of government;
  • develop and improve professional standards of government archives and records administration; to promote the full application, utilization and progressive development of modern archival and records management principles, methodology and techniques in government records administration;
  • encourage study and research in problems of concern to government archival and records administrators; and
  • represent the members in matters of mutual or national interest in areas of archives and records management.

THANK YOU for your generosity!

Voluntary Donation to NAGARA
Voluntary donations made to support NAGARA's mission and goal to support the government archives and records management community.

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