NAGARA2017: The International Institute of Municipal Clerks (IIMC) Pre-Conference Workshop

NAGARA & IIMC partner together for a two-part Pre-con workshop: Implementing a Municipal Electronic Records Management Strategy AND Designing & Benchmarking a RIM Program Based on Best Practic

Wednesday, July 12th, 2017

PRICE: $150

CREDITS: 4 CMC Education Points OR 4 MMC Advanced Education Points (to obtain all 4 points, registrants must attend all 8 hours of the pre-conference workshop). ICRM has pre-approved this workshop for 7.5 CMPs.

SESSION DESCRIPTIONS: This full-day workshop will begin with a continental breakfast, followed by a morning session, lunch (which will be provided), and an afternoon session. Session details follow:

AM Session: Designing and Benchmarking a RIM Program Based on Best Practices

Efficient, enterprise-wide records and information management is an integral component of any best managed governmental entity.  The key to achieving a successful Records and Information Management program is designing it based on a framework that meets your organization’s needs and is based on best practice.  Developing and implementing a RIM program has become more complex with the increased volume of electronic records.  Efficient management of electronic records is impossible if an organization does not have a records management program in place that is based on best practices.  The workshop is designed to assist attendees who are developing a program or looking for ways to strengthen an existing program.  

This session is designed to be interactive to ensure participates can ask questions, highlight best practices among the participants and walk away with a “can do” feeling rather than a sense of being overwhelmed.  It will include exercises designed to help attendees walk away with tasks to complete which will assist with designing a program or strengthening an existing program. During this session we will explore:

Key components of a RIM Program
The ARMA Principals®
Tasks to be completed under each component of a RIM Program
Tips and tools for evaluating and benchmarking a records management program

AM Session Presenters: 

Debra Korty, CRM, is a Corporate Records Analyst for the City of Austin, Texas.  In 2007 she helped to develop and establish a viable records and information management program for the City, and continues to facilitate its maturity.  She also provides RIM consulting services and training to City departments, assisting them with the implementation of the program.  Debra is a Certified Records Manager and holds an MLIS from the University of Texas in Austin.  She has presented at several ARMA Chapter meetings and workshops in the SW Region and ARMA International conferences.

Evangelina Martinez, CRA is a Corporate Records Analyst for the City of Austin, Texas.  She consults with and advises City departments on the management of records, specializing in the retention of public safety records.  Evangelina has over 12 years of records management experience and holds a bachelor’s degree in Radio/Television/Film from the University of Texas in Austin and is a current candidate for the Certified Records Manager designation.

PM Session: Implementing a Municipal Electronic Records Management Strategy

Local governments rely on electronic records for conducting official business more than ever before. Local government employees create, store, retrieve, and use information on personal computers, network drives, messaging systems, personal devices, and in the cloud. The formats of this information can be e-mail messages, documents, spreadsheets, web pages, social media postings, databases, and digital content. Local governments are also rapidly expanding outsourcing mission-critical functions to a variety of cloud computing platforms and applications.

Electronic records are valuable assets, and without proper governance they can create numerous problems for records managers and custodians. In addition, records managers must work closely with information technology staff to understand how electronic records are created, stored, retrieved, preserved, and disposed of.

This session will outline how to develop and implement a strategy for managing electronic records and information.  It will include examples from the City of Austin’s Records Management team as they share their own electronic records management “lessons learned” to assist your municipality in developing its own strategy. During this session we will explore:

Communicating with technical staff
The challenges and requirements of effectively managing municipal electronic records
Applying the ARMA Principals to electronic records
The challenges of outsourcing storage of electronic records in the cloud
Guidelines for imaging and conversion of documents, destruction of source and digital records, and long-term preservation 
Key features of an electronic records management strategy and how to develop and implement it

PM Session Presenters:

Bob Guz, CRM, ERMs, is a Sr. Business Process Consultant for the City of Austin, Texas. He is responsible for the execution of strategic technology projects within the Office of the City Clerk, is a lead for the implementation of a City-wide electronic records management system, and has over 25 years of technical and records management experience. Previously, he was a program director with Iron Mountain Consulting Services and a technical project manager for First Consulting Group. He has also worked as an information and records management professional for Texas Instruments and NASA.

Kathryn Darnall is an IT Business Systems Analyst with the Office of the City Clerk, where she guides the implementation of the City’s electronic records management system and collaborates on a number of strategic projects, most recently the City’s Campaign Finance Data Initiative.   Kathryn holds a Masters of Science in Information Studies and a Master of Arts in Latin American Studies, both from the University of Texas at Austin.

7/12/2017 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM
The Riverside Hotel 2900 Chinden Boulevard Boise, ID 83714
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