Member's Perspective:
My Experience at the NAGARA 2018 Winter Regional Forum 

As the Records Program Manager for the City of Georgetown, Texas, I was excited when I learned that NAGARA would host their 2018 Winter Regional Forum in our city in January 2018. Seven of our staff attended the Forum.

 The meeting featured some topics, which normally might be more of a focus for IT staff. With this approach, I was able to broaden my understanding of cyber-security issues that can dramatically effect records management.

 The first session on the agenda was an overview of how records management has changed over time, including challenges of maintaining records in modern electronic systems.

 The second and third sessions dealt with cyber-security issues such as ransomware and cyberblackmail, and managing records in the cloud. These speakers did a great job of keeping a dry subject entertaining. They gave detailed explanations of how cloud systems vary, and how to choose cloud servers for government records.

 Session four covered Personally Identifiable Information and was presented by a subject-matter expert from the Office of the Attorney General of Texas. This session was informative for anyone who handles government records, and included updates from the most recent legislative session.

 The final session gave details of how the Texas State Library and Archives Commission received and processed former Governor Rick Perry’s collection of electronic records, and the challenges of serving that collection to the public.

 NAGARA also awards the LGARA certificate for professionals who have earned over 40 hours of training in varied records topics. Our records staff considers this a great training goal and three of our records staff have earned the certificate: Matt Kunkle, Records Coordinator; Hilda Haghighi, GUS (Utility) Records Specialist, and myself.

 NAGARA members also have access to a growing collection of webinars which are a great ongoing resource. 

 NAGARA is unique from other records organizations as they focus entirely on government records. The 2018 Winter Regional Forum was a great way for me to re-focus on the work our staff does with local government records every day. We hope that NAGARA will consider hosting future meetings in Georgetown!

     Cynthia Conomos
     Records Program Manager
     City of Georgetown, TX 

Presentations and Handouts

2018 Winter Regional Forum Program Committee

  • Craig Kelso, Co-Chair 
  • Laura Saegert, Co-Chair
  • Megan Carey, Member
  • Gina Cervantes, Member
  • Mark Myers, Member
  • Brian Thomas, Member