NAGARA Webinar Series

The NAGARA Webinar Series is a membership benefit that provides government archivists and records managers professional development opportunities from the comfort of their own home or office on a monthly basis. NAGARA offers both 101-level webinars and 201-level webinars. Webinar are held on the first Thursday of each month at 1PM ET.

NAGARA Webinars are FREE for members and only $29.00/each for non-members. If you're not a member, we invite you to consider JOINING NAGARA today to take advantage of these highly valuable professional development opportunities. Members of NAGARA may also visit the NAGARA Webinar Archive, which has over 75 archived webinars, to enjoy past presentations.

NAGARA's Online Training Subcommittee is always open to ideas from members on the types of sessions and content they would like to see presented. If you have an idea or topic for a webinar, or if would like to present for NAGARA, we encourage you to fill out this online form detailing your proposal. A NAGARA representative will be in touch with you in short order.

Check out the list of currently scheduled webinars below:

Upcoming NAGARA Webinars

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(WEBINAR) "Moving the Masses: Office Consolidations and Records Management in the Post-Pandemic World"
This webinar presentation, sponsored by NAGARA Strategic Partner Iron Mountain, will provide an overview of records management considerations an office should ponder when consolidating their office space and possible transitioning to a work-from-home work environment for their employees.

When: June 2, 2022
(WEBINAR) "'I Love Our Organization’s Records Policies,' said no one!"
In this webinar presentation, the presenter will show you how you might improve the conversation dynamic, so that compliance with the Records program is a collaborative effort, not a power struggle

When: July 7, 2022
(WEBINAR) "The Stories Have Many Pieces: A Look at How a Tribal Archives Works"
This webinar presentation will look at how a tribal archives operates and the work it engages in with its partners. These partners include: local schools, universities, the state of Michigan, museums, and the National Park Service.

When: September 1, 2022