FULL TITLE: "Building a Workflow to Scale Up Your Digital Collections" 

 OVERVIEW: From local initiatives to broad mandates like NARA's M-19-21, the demand for increased access to records and archival content only continues to grow.

 So, where do you start? What material types lend themselves to quickly expanding a digital archive? How do you prepare materials for digitization? What steps does your team already have the technology and expertise to manage? Where could partnering with a service provider streamline your process and help you produce more digital content?

 In this presentation, we'll explore creating a digital imaging workflow that fits your organization. Topics will include:

  • Inventory, assessment, and selection
  • Considering access and preservation needs
  • Defining the scope of a digitization project
  • Planning for timeline, staffing, and budget
  • Leveraging your team’s strengths
  • Partnering with vendors
  •  Working with standards, guidelines, and metadata requirements

 PRESENTERSKelly Barrall, Vice President of Digitization Services, Backstage Library Works, and Thomas Forsythe, Senior Representative for Government Accounts, Backstage Library Works