Access Sciences' mission is to 'Tame Information Chaos'.  We do so by making unstructured data digital, findable, usable, and valuable for some of the largest and most complex state agencies and corporations in the world. Since 1985, Access Sciences has carved a niche as a leading consulting and business process outsourcing firm. Employee and woman-owned specializing in information governance, technology enablement, and business strategy, we're powered by a dynamic team of experts committed to meeting each of our client’s unique information management challenges.

At NAGARA, we will demonstrate how we're helping state agencies engage constituents in a self-service manner for Public Information Requests (PIRs). Learn how our custom-built EDMS system, housing millions of public records, ensures that data is not only digital but also easily accessible. This means less time searching and more time acting. And with our AI integration, we're taking efficiency to the next level, offering real-time insights and responses. Modernizing Public Records Accessibility.