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 "Public Record Requests and Social Media Archiving Software Demonstrations"

 OVERVIEW:  Public record requests for everything from employee salaries, all things elections related, to a comment posted on Facebook six months ago are increasing in volume and complexity. Does your agency have the resources in place to capture, track and respond to engender trust within your community, avoid appeals, public embarrassment, and potential lawsuits?

If you answered no, tune in for two powerful, back-to-back software demonstrations of CivicPlus’ public record requests and social media archiving solutions.

 NextRequest is FOIA management software powered by CivicPlus designed to empower agencies to receive requests through a modern online portal, route them to staff automatically, and release records to individuals or the public at large. In this demonstration, see how features such as reminders, redaction, reporting, payments, workflows and audit trails all lead to an intuitive, transparent, compliant, and seamless experience for staff and requesters.

 CivicPlus’ Social Media Archiving, website archiving, and social media monitoring products provide the most accurate and comprehensive solution to remain compliant with public record laws.  In this demonstration, see how features such as alerts and analytics, blocked lists, compliant supervision tools, comprehensive archiving, near real-time capture, and advanced search will keep you agency on the right side of public records compliance.

 This 60-minute presentation is ideal for any agency just starting their records management journey or any agency comparing similar solutions. 

 PRESENTER: Jess Howe, Account Executive IV, CivicPlus


Jess Howe is an Account Executive at CivicPlus, focusing on records request management and social media archiving. Before coming to CivicPlus, she spent 18 years as a gymnast. She lives in Raleigh, North Carolina where she now enjoys CrossFit. Jess received a Bachelor’s degree in Legal Studies from the University of California, Berkeley.