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FULL TITLE: "Keeping up with Complexity: The State of Public Records Requests in 2023"

 OVERVIEW: Transparency in public records is more important than ever, with new reporting requirements and responsive public record types – including police body cam footage, drone footage, and requests for “any-and-all” emails – putting pressure on staff for fulfillment.

According to the 2023 Granicus Public Records Complexity Report, since 2018:

  • Quantity of response documents has increased by 73%
  • Size of response files has increased by 322%
  • Video count has increased by 131% 

Technology is key to managing these complex factors, and some jurisdictions have already realized a decrease in time spent managing requests (despite the increases cited above). Introducing efficiency into your public records request process with software will help you keep up with demand, and in some cases, spend less time on records than you did pre-pandemic.

This presentations discusses how complexities in public record requests continue to increase and what agencies should look for in technology solutions to help manage those challenges. 

PRESENTER: Josh Fruecht, Sr. Director of Sales, Granicus