JustFOIA is a GovTech company providing the easiest-to-use records request software to agencies nationwide. JustFOIA manages every step of the process from intake to delivery, saving valuable time through automating repetitive tasks, reminders, and communication with requesters and responders.

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"Back to the Future for Public Records Requests"

March 21, 2024

OVERVIEW: Are you ready to embark on a journey "Back to the Future" of public records management? View this recording for an exciting blending of nostalgia with innovation to revolutionize your approach to transparency.
Here's why you should hop on board the DeLorean:
  • Future-Forward Strategies: Embrace the future of public records management with innovative solutions and strategies that leverage advanced technologies and best practices.
  • Einstein-Level Guidance: Benefit from the wisdom of JustFOIA Solution Consultant Murray Smith who will share invaluable insights to guide you on your journey.
  • Who is JustFOIA (including nationally recognized agencies that choose JustFOIA)
  • Records Requests Trends
  • Recommendations for a Faster, Easier Process
  • How to Select the Right Records Request Technology
DURATION: 55 Minutes
PRESENTER: Murray Smith, Solution Consultant, JustFOIA

Murray Smith
Murray Smith is an accomplished professional with a wealth of experience in business development. His standout abilities include leading successful projects, executing strategic business plans while adhering to budget constraints, and ensuring prompt project deliveries. His expertise encompasses developing and implementing strategic business plans, conducting financial analyses to meet business needs, and identifying new business prospects while enhancing operational efficacy. Murray is distinguished for his adept communication skills, which enable him to foster relationships across all levels. His values of determination, teamwork, commitment, communication, respect, and trust are evident in his daily interactions, consistently surpassing organizational expectations and generating win-win outcomes. Murray Smith graduated from Florida State University with a Bachelor of Arts degree in 1999. Murray joined JustFOIA in July 2022 as a Solution Consultant.