JustFOIA is a GovTech company providing the most powerful, easiest-to-use records request software to 350+ agencies nationwide. JustFOIA makes it easy to manage the process from intake to delivery with task automation, secure redactions, “any and all” document management, and much more! It empowers you to: 

  • Simplify compliance
  • Save time on routine tasks
  • Provide top-notch digital services to requesters
  • Enhance transparency
  • Strengthen your reputation in your community

FULL TITLE: "Bring Your Records Request Process from Chaos to Order "

 OVERVIEW: Records requests are becoming increasingly numerous and complex... And many records managers are finding their organization’s decentralized processes just can’t keep up.

 During this presentation, attendees learn what’s driving the increase in requests and how a centralized solution for FOIA, vital records, court records, and more can restore order to your department. Plus, attendees will hear from fellow NAGARA member Jennifer Phillips from the City of Irving, Texas, about how her team took the chaos out of public records requests!

 Presentation Agenda

  •  2023 top trends in FOIA
  • The Post-COVID “Amazon Experience”
  • Importance of a centralized system for records requests
  • One solution, multiple use cases
  • Best practices in evaluating a records request solution
  • Case study: City of Irving, TX


Cassie Shores, Director of Sales, JustFOIA
Jennifer Phillips, Deputy City Secretary at City of Irving, TX