As you know, managing your organization's information is crucial in today's digital age. With digital transformation accelerating, the need for a comprehensive information governance framework for both physical and electronic records has become more important than ever. We invite you to learn more about how Gimmal's solutions can help you manage records in their current hybrid state, while also managing electronic records in various repositories with different degrees of information governance capabilities.

Gimmal’s end-to-end information governance solutions enable you to consistently manage the lifecycle of records, ensuring compliance requirements are met, while also maturing your program over time. Additionally, sensitive data can be discovered across enterprise systems and brought into the governance framework to protect your data and mitigate risk. Implementing a complete information governance framework will ensure that your organization's information is properly managed, protected, and leveraged to support your digital transformation journey.

Don't miss the opportunity to learn more about Gimmal’s solutions and services and how we can support your organization, whether it’s meeting with us at NAGARA’s annual conference and events, or scheduling a personalized conversation and demo at

OVERVIEW: Gimmal is Information Governance, Simplified. During this presentation, participants learn more about Gimmal Physical (formerly Infolinx) and how Gimmal has met customers’ needs and help them succeed with the complete lifecycle management of physical and digital records – not just for today, but also for the future, including migrating from outdated, legacy systems, and featuring real customer use cases and stories. We appreciate the opportunity to present our solution and look forward to meeting you live!

PRESENTERS: Kurt Thies, Vice President, Physical Records, Gimmal; and Tim Butler, Solutions Architect, Gimmal