"Our Nightmare Before Christmas: Surviving Catastrophic Leaks" 
December 7, 2023


CREDITS: Preapproved for 1.0 ARC (Academy of Certified Archivists), 1.0 CEU (ARMA International), and 1.0 Study Hour (GARA Certificate Program).

 GARA CERTIFICATE CORE COMPETENCY AREAS: "Disaster Preparedness and Business Continuity"

 DURATION: 45-60 Minutes

 OVERVIEW: Panelists from the Colorado State Archives discuss their experience with surviving their worst nightmare - a massive leak on Christmas Eve affecting 8,000 cubic feet of archival records. Discussion points include ongoing challenges of an insufficient storage facility that finally failed, navigating bureaucratic red tape, extreme weather conditions, and adapting to evolving circumstances under chaos on the biggest holiday weekend of the year. Also covered was how to distribute staff according to their strengths and weaknesses, and why maintaining a sense of humor is vitally important.

 In short - what to do when your Home Depot bucket ain't worth a damn.

 This webinar provides real life examples on how to improve efficiencies in work flows during disasters and how to translate academic theory into a real life scenario.

 PRESENTERS: Aly Jabrocki, State Archivist, Colorado State Archives, Sam Schiller, Archival Collections Supervisor, Colorado State Archives, Paul Levit, Records Manager, Colorado State Archives, and Jennifer Simmons, Research Room Supervisor, Colorado State Archives


Aly Jabrocki   Sam Schiller      Paul Levit      Jennifer Simmons

Aly Jabrocki is the current State Archivist for Colorado and has served in this position since 2016. Prior to this position she worked as an archivist at various institutions including the Denver Museum of Nature and Science, Rocky Mountain Jewish Historical Society, Sand Creek Massacre National Historic Site and Cherokee Ranch. When she is not instilling a healthy dose of punk rock ethos to state government, she spends entirely too much time training dogs and perfecting recipes for pierogies and carbonara.

Sam Schiller is the Archival Collections Supervisor for the Colorado State Archives. Prior to that, he spent 11 years as the Archivist and Collections Data Supervisor for the Denver Museum of Nature & Science. He is also a database nerd, food enthusiast, and occasional heavy metal drummer.

Paul Levit is the records manager for the Colorado State Archives who is about to celebrate 20 years of service in May of 2024. Outside of work Paul is a professional chauffeur for his son, craft beer connoisseur and a horrible golfer.

Jennifer Simmons has been the research room supervisor, admin, and official "cat wrangler" for the Colorado State Archives for 5 years. She left a decade-long career as a retail manager to pursue opportunities in the library and archives fields, which led her to start her public service managing the public-facing aspect of the State Archives. Her personal life is filled with big dogs - a Great Pyrenees and Bernese Mountain dog - and a personal library filled with enough books to rival her public library.