"Letting Go is Never Easy"
August 3, 2023

CREDITS: Approved for 1.0 ARC (Academy of Certified Archivists), 1 CEU (ARMA International) and 1.0 Study Hour (GARA Certificate Program)

 GARA CERTIFICATE CORE COMPETENCY AREAS: "Retention and Disposition" OR "Legal and Compliance Issues"

 DURATION: 60 Minutes

OVERVIEW: When employees within an organization transfer from one department to another, they often want to bring all of their records, including email, OneDrive, and other records, with them. However, these accounts often contain critical information that is essential to the department where they were originally created, and is necessary for the ongoing progress of the project or program that the employee was working on. It's also important to consider public disclosure, litigation, and audit processes when dealing with these records. To ensure that these records remain with their originating department, it's essential to establish a policy.

This webinar provides guidance on creating a comprehensive policy that outlines what should happen to records when employees transfer between departments, as well as how to handle records when entire units move between departments. 

PRESENTER: Jennifer Winkler, City Records Manager, Retired, City of Seattle, WA

    Jennifer Winker
City Records Manager, Retired
City of Seattle, WA              

Jennifer Winkler was the City Records Manager for the City of Seattle. Hired in September 2001, Jennifer was responsible for the development and implementation of a City-wide Records Management Program for the City of Seattle and its many departments. Included in this is: developing retention schedules for each department, establishing city-wide policies and procedures for best records management practices, developing a vital records program, offering files management assistance, consultation on records management issues as necessary and partnering with Information Technology on the many aspects of Microsoft365. She previously worked in records management at the University of Washington and King County. Jennifer recently retired from the City of Seattle in July 2023 and is slowly becoming accustomed to the retiree lifestyle.