"City of Seattle Responsible Artificial Intelligence Program"
June 6, 2024


CREDITS: Preapproved for 1.0 ARC (Academy of Certified Archivists), 1.0 CEU (ARMA Internationaland 1.0 Study Hour (GARA Certificate Program)
GARA CERTIFICATE CORE COMPETENCY AREAS: "Legal and Compliance Issues" OR "Record Considerations for Emerging Technologies"
DURATION: 45-60 Minutes
OVERVIEW: This webinar will introduce the principles and policies used by the city of Seattle relating to Artificial Intelligence technology, while paying special attention to data compliance related considerations.
The City of Seattle is committed to using technology in a manner that upholds the City’s principles, policies, commitments, and all applicable laws and regulations. To that end, with regard to AI, they have enacted guiding principles and policies, and are implementing guidelines and programs to support City employees in using AI responsibly. The presenters will use this webinar to introduce Seattle's principles and policies with regard to their AI program; paying special attention to data compliance related considerations. 
Webinar Attendees will come away from this presentation with an understanding of data stewardship concerns related to government use of artificial intelligence technologies. The attendees will also understand the steps and policies the City of Seattle has taken to address these types of concerns in the workplace.
PRESENTER: Ginger Armbruster, Chief Privacy Officer, City of Seattle, WA

Ginger Armbruster 
As the City of Seattle’s Chief Privacy Officer, Ginger Armbruster is Seattle Information Technology’s Director of the Data Privacy, Accountability, and Compliance division, with responsibility for five citywide programs including the Privacy & Surveillance Compliance Program, the Citywide Public Records Act Program, the Open Data Program, the Compliance & Policy Program, and Responsible Artificial Intelligence Program. Prior to this role, she worked for Microsoft on an international team of privacy specialists to resolve issues associated with multi-million-dollar marketing initiatives. She spent the first 20 years of her career working in sales and marketing for Fortune 500 companies such as IBM, Hewlett-Packard and Johnson & Johnson, and several medical technology startup companies. Ginger completed her undergraduate degree in Political Science from Barnard College, Columbia University. As a recipient of the National Science Foundation’s Scholarship for Service Program (CyberCorps), she earned her master’s degree in Infrastructure Planning and Management from the University of Washington, focusing on critical infrastructure cyber resiliency.