"Collaborative Disaster Preparedness"
May 2, 2024

CREDITS: Preapproved for 1.0 ARC (Academy of Certified Archivists), 1.0 CEU (ARMA International) and 1.0 Study Hour (GARA Certificate Program
GARA CERTIFICATE CORE COMPETENCY AREAS: "Disaster Preparedness and Business Continuity" OR "Training, Advocacy and Outreach"
DURATION: 47 Minutes
OVERVIEW: This webinar discusses Collaborative Response Networks (CRN’s) and the Seattle Heritage Emergency Response Network (SHERN); what a collaborative response network is, how & why SHERN was developed, what their mission is, and the future of disaster preparedness.
Cultural & government institutions often lack funding for comprehensive emergency response. The collaborative model allows for pooling resources and expertise that might otherwise be out of reach for a lot of us. The presenter touches on how CRN’s promote awareness, assist member organizations, organize workshops, prepare, and share information, acquire, and share equipment, cooperate, and facilitate partnerships. This discussion also touches on developing and implementing disaster preparedness programs at the institutional level.
Attendees will come away from this presentation with an understanding of what CRN’s are, how SHERN was developed and can be used as a model for other regional networks, what the mission of a CRN is, and how to build a network. Attendees will also get insight into the creation of an institutional disaster preparedness program.
PRESENTER: Jules Irick, Photo Archivist & Disaster Preparedness Lead, Seattle Municipal Archives, City of Seattle

Jules Irick

Jules Irick has been Photo Archivist at the SMA since 2005 and the disaster preparedness lead since 2013. She has been a participant in SHERN since 2013 and is currently serving as the board chair.