(WEBINAR) "Joint Expedition: Information Security and..."

Explore a collaborative project at Washington State Dept. of Enterprise Services, merging Information Security and Records Management. Learn how joint efforts navigate the complex information landscape, sharing insights and lessons on achieving comprehensive data control... (READ MORE)

TITLE: "Joint Expedition: Information Security and Records Management - Discovering and Mapping the Unknown Together"
OVERVIEW: In this webinar, the presenters will provide an overview of a joint Information Security and Records Management inventory project they are undertaking at the Washington State Department of Enterprise Services. This project is an extensive effort to identify and document where information is located in their agency, along with its retention requirements, privacy/data classifications, essential/vital records and disaster recovery needs, and security requirements.
Their joint project is a prime example of how records management, information security, and IT, need to work together in order to fully understand and grapple with the complete universe of information within their organization, while still accomplishing their own individual responsibilities around information control.
While the project began as a Records Management effort, it quickly became apparent that Information Security could add valuable insight and information to the inventory, and, in turn, could benefit from the information Records Management was gathering. The presenters will discuss the project background and how it morphed into the encompassing scope it has now, their approach and lessons learned, the intended outcome(s), and the overlap between information security and records management goals.
DATE & TIME: Thursday, April 4th, 2024 | 1:00PM ET | 12:00PM CT | 11:00AM MT | 10:00AM PT
DURATION: 45-60 Minutes
PRICE: FREE for Members; $39.00 for Non-Members
CREDITS: Preapproved for 1.0 ARC (Academy of Certified Archivists), 1.0 CEU (ARMA International) and 1.0 Study Hour (GARA Certificate Program)
GARA CERTIFICATE CORE COMPETENCY AREAS: "Records and Information Management Basics" OR "Electronic Records and Information Management"
PRESENTERS: Rachel Thompson, Records Manager, Washington State Department of Enterprise Services; and Paula Leap, Information Security Operations Specialist, Washington State Department of Enterprise Services


Rachel Thompson   Paula Leap
Rachel Thompson is a Certified Records Manager who graduated from Western Washington University with a master’s degree in History, Archives and Records Management in 2011. Since then, she’s been in records management primarily in the public sector in Washington State (where she grew up). Currently, Rachel is the Records Manager for the Washington State Department of Enterprise Services. Rachel enjoys getting nerdy about records and information management, solving puzzles of all sorts, and reading. She lives in beautiful Bellingham, Washington with her partner.  

Paula Leap is an Information Technology (IT) Security Operations Specialist with Washington State Department of Enterprise Services. In this role, Paula looks after/coordinates/manages/leads teams providing all aspects of IT security, including securing data, classifying security risks, monitoring, and responding to cyber threats. A big believer in information security for everyone, Paula supports spreading knowledge in a manner that anyone from the most to least technical individual can understand and identify with easily. Paula helps technical and non-technical individuals understand the importance of keeping information safe and secure whether it be personally or professionally. She assists individuals through knowledge, processes and understanding about IT security in a way that and allows the individual to make informed decisions and providing assurance about maintaining information securely. Paula is no stranger to information technology, having spent 30+ years as a telephony technician, project manager, business analysis, and systems configurator. She utilizes all these roles to identify and reduce IT security risks to the organization in the following ways: Rapidly remediating active attacks in the environment, advising on improvements to threat protection practices, creating and conducting user security training, consulting on security best practices and addressing violations of organizational policies with appropriate staff. With a successful career in information technology, Paula is still passionate about all kinds of technologies and their possibilities, however her focus now is on spreading knowledge, process and understanding about using technology safely and securely.


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