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Friday, May 4, 2018

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Friday, November 2, 2018
Atlanta, Georgia

The Georgia State Archives
5800 Jonesboro Rd.
Morrow, GA 30260

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Member's Perspective:
My Experience at the NAGARA 2017 Spring Regional Forum 

When I heard that NAGARA was hosting their Spring Regional Forum in Columbus, Ohio, I was excited and signed right up. I had recently rejoined NAGARA after several years away with the hopes of attending last year’s Annual Meeting in Lansing, Michigan. While that did not pan out for me, the quality of the NAGARA webinars I’ve enjoyed since then justified my rejoining.  The Annual Conference in Boise, Idaho, this year is too far away for me to attend, so the announcement from NAGARA that they were bringing their Spring Regional Forum someplace within driving distance to me seemed like the opportunity to gain some of the education I would be missing in Boise.  Plus, the price was right and meeting looked great.

I had a great time at the Forum! I will admit that at first glance, a couple of the program offerings seemed like they might be way over my head. As County Records & Information Manager at the Montgomery County Records Center & Archives in Dayton, Ohio, I rarely have the opportunity to work with data analysis or SharePoint. However, I decided to listen to these sessions with an open mind. After enjoying a wonderful breakfast at the buffet (great spread!), the sessions began and I was pleasantly surprised that the speakers, while knowledgeable, introduced their subjects in a way even I could understand! I learned a great deal about information governance subjects that will help me down the road as these new records management techniques move from the business world into local government. I even walked away with a few new words of jargon that I can deploy at my next meeting with IT. I hope to dazzle them with “R.O.T.,” “Cost of Ownership,” and “Technology Wand.”

The other sessions dealt with problems I have every day on the job, such as what to do with e-mail (will we ever figure it out?), how to make your voice heard, and what records are confidential or not. I was so glad to hear these issues addressed. While listening to a webinar on these subjects can be beneficial, being in person at a meeting with others who nod knowingly when you talk about similar problems rather than stare at you in bewilderment was really refreshing and encouraging. I was grateful to be in the same room learning with other people in the same boat as me rowing against the same tides.

Thank you NAGARA for bringing the Spring Regional Forum to Ohio! I’ve recently attended events and webinars hosted by other organizations that were like living death to me, but your events are consistently lively, interesting and educational. I’m glad I went and hope all members have the opportunity to attend a seasonal Regional Forum near them in the future.

     Tina Ratcliff
     County Records & Information Manager
     Montgomery County Records Center & Archives (Dayton, Ohio) 

Member's Perspective:
My Experience at the NAGARA 2017 Fall Regional Forum 

Since beginning my new position as the Arizona State Documents Librarian in May 2017, I will be the first to admit that NAGARA was not on my professional development radar. However, my opinion changed when I started to seriously look for professional opportunities that would enhance my understanding and scope of my current job duties. The NAGARA website was a good starting point to learn more about events especially the NAGARA annual conference agenda and session topics. I felt that I could definitely benefit from attending a future event to learn more.
With that being said, I had the pleasure of attending my very first NAGARA meeting at the 2017 Fall Regional Forum held in Phoenix, Arizona. All of the sessions provided valuable insight into the daily operations and challenges facing front-line personnel. Even though I do not work directly collecting or preserving Body Worn Camera information, the challenges facing all personnel related to this topic and others was quite illuminating along with importance of Disaster Preparedness and Recovery. Additionally, the session on the OK Corral documents discovered in Tombstone, Arizona was a fascinating overview on how important collection, managing and preserving material is for our culture and researchers. Overall, my attendance gave me a better understanding of what similar challenges I face with my Arizona State Documents collection.  I am also hopeful about future opportunities working with government records personnel both locally and beyond. 

I think similar librarians in my position would benefit greatly from becoming a member of NAGARA and attending their educational events and webinars. It gives one a different perspective and also important learning opportunities for collecting and preserving state agency published material. 

     Susan Leach-Murray
     State Publications Librarian
     State of Arizona Research Library