For nearly 15 years, RecordPoint has been finding new ways to help organizations like yours discover, govern and control all your data, anywhere it is – and we’re not done yet. Every minute of every day, we want you to know you can trust that your data is private, protected and working hard for your organization – so your customers can, too.

RecordPoint was founded on the idea of democratizing access to data and increasing data trust, with the mission of building technology that helps organizations be more trusted. In 2009, founders Elon Aizenstros and Anthony Woodward, who had prior careers working in large enterprise organizations, saw organizations approaching their data management the wrong way: storing it in data silos across a patchwork of legacy platforms, restricting its access and use, and making it harder to trust.

They saw the opportunity to help government entities and organizations democratize their data and unlock it, by allowing it to be managed where the users were, where the stakeholders were, and where the context was. This makes the information richer, because it is not being moved across technology systems, and allows organizations to act on that data to unleash its value. In doing this, they generate data trust.